The concreting table with zero compromises.
High speed forming at its best!

The solution for large-area forming of slabs from RINGER: DEKplus – high speed forming at its best!

After the successful world premiere at the bauma in Munich, finally on the market: the new concreting table DEKplus from RINGER – the innovative and economical solution for forming large slab areas by crane. As one of the leading manufacturers of scaffolding and formwork systems in Austria, RINGER is setting new standards in the formwork sector.

Maximum productivity

DEKplus enables fast, effective and cost-saving forming of large slab areas for any floor plan: over 25 per cent faster than with standard-concreting table. DEKplus is fully compatible with the easy-to-handle slab formwork AluDEK and the lightweight wall formwork​​​​​​​ AL2000. RINGER offers its customers a powerful formwork combination that stands up to the highest practical demands.

Reducing costs

Everything at RINGER is designed for maximum efficiency and safety. This ensures DEKplus with the two table sizes 5.40 x 2.25 m (12.15 m²) and 5.40 x 1.80 m (9.72 m²), a speedy and safe forming in record time – up to a slab thickness of 70cm. The accompanying crane hook can lift five tables at the same time. Thanks to the extra-narrow design of the crane hook, the tables can also be placed close to the wall with the crane, making set-up even faster.

The slab tables have a fully galvanised frame with all-round edge protection. Integrated plastic protective panels protect the formwork sheeting underneath when stacking. Attachments and accessories, including safety components, can be mounted and dismantled largely without tools from above or from the side. Access to the underside of the table is not necessary. This protects the material and saves time, costs and nerves.

Space-saving transport

DEKplus also pays for itself quickly in terms of transport and storage costs: thanks to the slab table’s low overall height of only 12 cm, up to 480 m² of formwork surface incl. accessories fit on an articulated truck. This reduces transport costs by over 60 percent compared to standard concreting tables.

Maximum flexibility

The overall height and grid dimensions of the DEKplus concreting table are matched to the AluDEK slab formwork and AL2000 wall formwork. This means that DEKplus can be extended in the edge areas with adapters for a perfect fit and flexibly assembled for any floor plan without the need for additional props. Remaining areas are easily and quickly levelled with the matching AluDEK support rails and formwork panels.

Integrated safety concept

The perfectly coordinated accessories and well thought-out safety solutions guarantee fast construction progress. For example, DEKplus has table and corner platforms with already integrated side protection, which can also be mounted circumferentially or across corners. The platforms are hooked in with the crane without tools and lock themselves automatically – finished. Maximum safety combined with maximum efficiency.

A system, well thought out down to the last detail

With DEKplus, RINGER has developed a formwork system that offers a real competitive advantage: easy to handle, fast to assemble. Flexible to use and can be extended as required. Low transport and storage costs. Efficient and economical. Robust, durable and easy to clean. Made in Austria. A milestone in the field of formwork solutions – for large-area slab formwork with zero compromise.