The light-weight, hand-set formwork system impresses with low weight and high resistance.

Product Features

> Performance

  • 60 kN/m² permissible fresh concrete pressure

> Only 21 kg/m²

  • Reduced workload when forming by hand

> Versatile

  • Panel height: 1,35 m / 2,70 m / 3,00 m
  • Panel width: 25 cm / 30 cm / 40 cm / 45 cm / 50 cm / 60 cm / 75 cm / 90 cm
  • Special widths on demand

> Crane independent

> Compatible with ST2000

> Stable and ergonomic geometry

  • Closed hollow chamber profile in aluminium design.
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy handling due to additional grips

> Can be used as modular slab formwork

  • Compatible with DEK2000

> Austria´s most popular hand-set formwork system

The "all-rounder" for every application. Compatible with ST2000.

Our lightest aluminium formwork system AL2000 can take a concrete pressure of up to 60 kN/m².

Hollow profiles guarantee light weight and high robustness. Due to optimized design and easy to handle components AL2000 guarantees highest time and cost efficiency. It is an all-rounder for various applications (eg. residential, commercial and refurbishment projects) with and without crane.

AL2000 can be used as a modular slab formwork alone or in combination with DEK2000. Due to its outstanding system attributes AL2000 is the most popular hand-set formwork in Austria.

AL2000 frames are designed as structurally stable and anti-torsion hollow profiles. High-quality aluminium profiles are extremely light, durable and robust. 

Smooth profiles and additional grips simplify forming and save time and man-power.

Multi- trip stacking pallets keep the construction site neat and tidy, minimize time wasted searching for parts and simplify transportation.

Transformable into a slab formwork.

With just a few steps AL2000 panels can be converted into a slab formwork system. Simple, quick and cost-effective. All it takes is our DEK2000 head, used for edge, joint and corner areas.

Any AL2000 panels can thus be used for forming slabs. If larger areas and faster shuttering times are desired the system can be upgraded with 1,82 m² Ringer DEK2000 panels.

DEK 2000 is a beamless, modular slab formwork system made of Aluminum. Without additional measures slabs with a thickness of up to 30 cm can be poured.

The combination of both systems leads to a flexible and cost effective usage.

The RINGER forged coupler allows fast and safe connection of panels. It can be smoothly attached to the frame, even one-handed.

A round affair. Curves can easily be formed by combining standard panels with circular forming plates. 

Light-weight profiles allow simple one-man assembly. This saves work time and associated costs.