RINGER Scaffoldings offer highest quality of material. They are designed according to standards and absolutely safe in operation. The statically tested constructions are constantly monitored and heavily tested. Reliable special locks as the patented RINGER quick-lock system and lack of unnecessary small parts enable fast and cost-efficient operation.

Ringer facade scaffoldings are erected rapidly and with only a few steps. 

Ringer Rolling Towers add mobility to your scaffolding. Made of aluminum and steel.

An individually configurable scaffolding system for any purpose.

High-quality workmanship and a wide range of scaffolding horses, offer optimum on-site assistance.

Professional safety systems for your construction site. RINGER systems reduce the risk of accidents and increase profitability. 

Stacking Pallets and Transport Containers from RINGER are safe and easy to use. High-quality solutions facilitate storage and transport.