RINGER Poland slab formwork

Highly versatile conventional slab formwork system suitable for any layout, any slab size and thickness.

Product Features

> High efficiency thanks to fewer individual parts

  • Props and Heads
  • Solid wood H20 Beams
  • RINGER 3S Timber Shuttering Panel

> Adaption to different layouts and slab tickness

  • Any layout, any slab size and thickness

> No fixed grid for main and cross beams

> Simple and fast handling

  • Fast and simple forming of complicated layouts

> Efficient and economical even with few uses

  • Low material need due to construction-specific calculations
  • High usage thanks to robust system components

A conventional slab formwork system suitable for any layout, any slab size and thickness

RINGER Poland slab formwork is a flexible and cost efficient system, which guarantees fast and simple handling.

The system enables forming of any slab thickness, layout and height.

Beams and props positions are flexible and can be adjusted to slab thickness during planning.

Flexible also with large areas.

RINGER Poland slab formwork is perfectly suited to support prefabricated slabs.

Adaptable to any building geometry.

RINGER Poland props meet high quality standard

RINGER Poland F PROP are adaptable to any construction site scenario. Galvanization secure durability.

With its high load capacity, smooth running external threads, fixed pin and compatibility with all standard fork heads, it offers reliability over a wide range of applications.

Various models of F PROP available.

podpora ocynkowana
Steel prop F PROP

F PROP 10 – 20kN Adjustment range 0,66 – 1,00m
F PROP 15 – 20kN Adjustment range 1,00 – 1,50m
F PROP 25 – 20kN Adjustment range 1,55 – 2,50m
F PROP 30 – 20kN Adjustment range 1,75 – 3,00m
F PROP 35 – 20kN Adjustment range 2,05 – 3,50m
F PROP 40 – 20kN Adjustment range 2,30 – 4,00m
F PROP 55  Adjustment range 3,10 – 5,50m

podpora lakierowana
Prop "Wohnbau" – painted

Adjustment range 1,75 – 3,00m
Adjustment range 2,00 – 3,60m
Adjustment range 2,20 – 4,00m
Adjustment range 2,50 – 4,50m
Adjustment range 3,00 – 5,00m

podpora ocynkowana
Prop "Wohnbau" – galvanized

Adjustment range: 1.75 – 3.00m galvanized
Adjustment range: 2,00 – 3,60m galvanized
Adjustment range: 2,20 – 4,00m galvanized
Adjustment range: 2,50 – 4,50m galvanized *
Adjustment range: 3,00 – 5,00m galvanized *

*for a special request

RINGER Super H20 Beam

RINGER H20 beams are made of solid wood with laminated solid wood web and guarantee maximal dimensional stability.

High-quality gluing, water repellent color glaze as well as shock-resistant protection caps ensure high number of re-use cycles.

Głowica katownikowa
4-Way Head H20 galvanized

Prop head for connection and back up of RINGER beams. Robust, galvanized and durable

Głowica krzyżowa prętowa H20 ocynk
Crossbar head H20 galvanized

Economical version of head with a thinner 27 mm tube (also fits props with a smaller tube diameter).

RINGER 3S Timber Shuttering Panel

3S RINGER Shuttering Panel guarantees first-class concrete results due to the excellent wood quality of spruce. 

The multi layer structure ensures high dimensional stability and durability.

Outstanding quality results in high usage and low costs.

RINGER “Nordwald” panels are perfectly suited for shuttering small foundations and slabs.

Trójnóg EU ocynk Standard
Tripod EU galvanized Standard

For securing props. Galvanized and foldable for simple storage and transport.

Trójnóg EU ocynk Light
Tripod EU galvanized Light

Economical tripod version for securing props.