DEKplus Slab Formwork

The Concreting Table without compromises.

Slab forming in high speed at its best!

Product features

> High performing

  • Table sizes 5,40 x 2,25m (12,15m²) / 5,40 x 1,80m (9,72m²)
  • Up to 50cm slab thickness, flatness is compliant with DIN 18202
  • Maximum slab thickness is 70 cm

> Robust and durable

  • Frame fully galvanised with all-round edge protection
  • Plastic coated plywood, 15 mm thick
  • Integrated plastic plates protect the plywood when the tables are being stacked

> Economical

  • 33 % faster forming than with standard concreting table
  • 50 % lower finishing costs than with conventional concreting table
  • 60 % lower transport costs than with conventional concreting table

> Space-saving

  • Overall height is slim 12 cm
  • Formwork with a surface area up to 480 m² transported
    on a single semi-trailer
  • Crane hooks are sized for up to 5 tables to be crane-lifted at once

> Zero-compromises compatibility

  • Compatible with AluDEK and AL2000
  • With appropriate adapters, AluDEK can also be installed directly
    on the tables, no additional props needed
  • Simple infills with shuttering boards 21 and 27mm on
    infill beams for AluDEK

> Utmost safety

  • Almost entirely toolless installation of the safety components
  • Table platforms with integral side protection can be installed
    all round, also corner platforms
  • Even more safety thanks to gapless side protection systems

Forming slabs without compromises

DEKplus sets standards in compatibility, efficiency and economy.

Our new DEKplus concreting table is uncompromisingly developed for efficient use on the construction site. Perfectly coordinated accessories and well thought-out safety solutions ensure fast construction progress.

Table elements up to 12.15m² in size and the low construction height of only 12cm guarantee rational working, fast shuttering times and significantly reduced transport costs.

DEKplus - Fast, simple and clean

The overall height and grid dimensions of the table elements are perfectly matched to the modular slab formwork AluDEK and AL2000 wall formwork elements.
Remaining areas can be quickly compensated with infill beams and formwork panels.

The optimally coordinated safety accessories such as platforms and side protections ensure the highest level of safety in every construction phase.

Space-saving thanks to low overall height.

The construction height of only 12cm allows the transport of up to 480m² of formwork surface on a semi-trailer. In most cases, this is enough for one construction site.

The manoeuvrable high-lift truck makes the job of stripping out the tableforms quick and easy. It can move forward/back and sideways. The high-lift truck fits neatly between the rows of floor props.

The frame of the DEKplus table is designed so that all accessory and add-on parts can be installed without the use of tools. So safety gear, stop-ends and extensions are quickly installed and removed at any time. It adds up to zero-compromises safety and convenience on the job.

A slab formwork system with zero compromises

All components can be installed and removed without tools. The add-on components and also the safety components are all resolved within the system.

The DEKplus prop head is designed as the safe attachment for floor props with head plates up to 150 x 150 mm.
It can be installed anywhere and for maximum working convenience it swivels in both directions, can be operated from floor level and self-latches securely when swivelled back into position.

Maximale Flexibilität beim DEKplus – Deckenschalung von RINGER
The DEKplus concreting table is designed for maximum versatility. Adapters ensure combinability with AluDEK panels, and use with AL2000 wall formwork panels is also possible.

Restflächen vom Deckentisch – Deckenschalung von RINGER
Closures are made with AluDEK infill beams and strips of 21/27mm shuttering boards.
Infill-beam adapters make installing the infill beams a no-tools operation.

Safety at the slab side with table platforms that can be installed all round and corner platforms with integral side protection railings. The handrail-post shoe for the side protection grid slots into any of the side holes along the edge profile, no tools required.

Deckentisch – Tischbühne mit klappbaren Geländer – DEKplus
The platforms can be hooked in with the railings already upright and lock automatically in place at the edge of the table. The table platforms have integral side protection railings that only have to be raised to the vertical. No further work from below is required.

Geländerschuh für DEKplus – Deckenschalung von RINGER
The DEKplus shoe for guardrail with stop ends combines easy stop-end shuttering with maximum safety. The shoe for guardrail can be installed anywhere along the edge profile. The slider for the stop-end can be extended to any position in the range from 1 cm to 37 cm.


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Szalunek stropowy DEKplus
45,000m² company headquarters for the entire ETZI Group

The new 45,000m² headquarters of the ETZI Group is currently under construction in Ried im Traunkreis, Upper Austria. The latest slab formwork system family from RINGER was used for the slab formwork of the multi-storey company headquarters.

Szalunek stropowy DEKplus
New construction of the Sonnenallee health centre, Aspern

When constructing the slabs of the six-storey new building, the new concreting table DEKplus in combination with the modular slab formwork AluDEK played an essential role.

Szalunek stropowy DEKplus
Revitalization of a consumer market

A grocery store in Styria is currently undergoing extensive renovation and modernization. The new DEKplus slab table from RINGER plays a central role in this process.