Steel Master

Strong, flexible and robust. Our powerful steel framed formwork for heavy duty applications with crane.

Product Features

> Performance

  • 80 kN/m² permissable fresh concrete pressure

> Versatile

  • Panel height: 1,35 m / 2,70 m / 3,30 m
  • Panel width: 0,25 m / 0,30 m / 0,45 m / 0,50 m / 0,55 m / 0,60 m / 0,90 m / 1,35 m / 2,40 m / 2,70 m

> For crane use

> Compatible with Alu Master

> Stable and ergonomic geometry

  • Heights up to 3,30 m without extension
  • High-quality galvanized
  • Easy cleaning

> Maximum dimensional stability

  • Fit for toughest use
  • Increased lifespan

> Excellent concrete finish

  • Only two ties required up to 3,15 m height
  • High-quality plywood (phenolic coated, plastic coated and solid plastic (Alkus))

High load capacity combined with easy handling and comprehensive work safety.

With a load capacity of up to 80kN/m², Steel Master is ideal for heavy-duty applications. With Ringer Master you can profit from superlative concrete finish, easy handling and planning as well as comprehensive work safety.

Steel Master is a very versatile system that is equal to very tough challenges.

Frames and forged connection accessories are hot-dip galvanized for a long lifespan. 

Steel Master offers great flexibility due to a wide range of panel sizes up to a height of 3.30 m. All panels can be used both horizontally and vertically and for forming single-sided walls.

Steel Master is a cost-efficient solution for your jobsite.

Alu Master and Steel Master panels can be combined in any way. This allows large scale hand-set or crane forming.

Steel Master panels are made of high quality and torsion-resistant steel.

This allows extreme load capacity at less weight.

RINGER UNI-Clamp allows strong connection and alignment of panels with only one hammer blow.

We recommend the panels to be equipped with RINGER plastic coated plywood.

The use of RINGER plastic coated plywood triples operating time. 

No peeling due to moisture.

Higher statical load capacity, easy to clean, chemically and UV resistant. 

Easy recycling. 

Large panels ca be repositioned easily with the master crane-hook.

RINGER working platforms crucially increase operational safety.

A round affair. A combination of Master standard panels with Master circular forming plate allows the forming of curves.





Stal Master
A round affair!

A perfect edge for a slurry tank thanks to Ringer curved sheet. In agriculture slurry is used as an important fertilizer because of its high content of nitrogen, phosphorus and calium.

stal master
New delight & Barbecue hot spot

Good news for barbecue fans. In Seiersberg-Pirka Weber builds a new Weber Original Store with a barbecue academy and a restaurant.

Stal master
Expansion Hotel Katschberg

Winter tourism is booming and has been growing over the last years. Hotel Katschberg met the growing demand with an expansion.