Round slurry tanks thanks to RINGER Circular Forming Plates

in Kandl, Austria

Project Data

Year of completion: 2016
Country: Austria
Expertise: Agriculture
​​​​​​​Application: Wall

Products in use

A farmer from Kandl commissioned the company Holzbau Eberharter with the erection of two 8 m radius slurry tanks. The gigantic tanks could be realized within only a few weeks.

Thanks to a curved formwork solution by RINGER this challenge could easily be met. Our Circular Forming Plate in combination with Alu Master and Steel Master wall formwork panels delivered a perfect result with an optimal rounding. What luck our master panels can be combined with one another as required!

Even if the intended content does not create the most pleasant assosiations, the construction site will be remembered thanks to the 8 m radius container. Definitely a round affair!