Side Protection Grid

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The universal solution for all side protection tasks. A multitude of possible combinations save time and money.

Product Features

> Product Details

  • Height 1,20 m
  • Length 1,45 / 2,70 m

> Increased safety

  • Safe and standard-conforming

> Universally applicable

  • Fast and simple in use
  • Meets all requirements due to various possible combinations
  • Making safety barriers on the structure or on the formwork
  • Multiple mounting options

> Fast and simple assembly

  • Simple handling
  • Stable light-weight structure

> Proved safety

  • Side protection grid & fixing accessories comply with ÖNORM EN13374 Class “A”
  • Comply to construction workers protection regulation & ÖNORM B4007
  • Detailed assembly instruction available
  • Galvanized and extremely stable

> Weather resistant

  • Galvanized surface

A universal solution for fall protection on both formwork and structure shell.

The RINGER side protection grid is ideal for use on slab formwork, wall formwork, as slab edge protection or fall protection on the shell. 

High-quality processing and hot-dip galvanizing guarantee a long service life.

With a large number of installation options, the system guarantees flexible and cost-effective use in every situation. 

It offers maximum safety as fall protection in accordance with the requirements of ÖNORM EN 13374 Class “A”.

The integrated toe board increases the safety level, especially when working on facades and on the edge of the slab.

The side protection grid is simply attached to the floor with the guardrail post on the guardrial shoe. An integrated spring prevents wind lift.

In areas where no anchoring is necessary or possible, the RINGER guardrial clamp is used to fix the side protection grid.

Optimal use on slab edge or concrete edges with the front shoe.

Due to the side assembly with anchor, the entire work area remains free.

The fixing angle is used for sideward shifting of the protection.

Mounting on wall or slab.

Max. adjustment range 45 cm

With the guardrail post and the scaffolding bracket, the side protection grid can be used twice during the forming process. It serves both as a fall protection device on the scaffolding bracket and on the opposing formwork. In addition, the railing can be folded back 15 ° when concreting.

The side protection grid is used flexibly in combination with the slab edge clamp (adjustable or standard). Safe and fast securing while forming slabs.

Use on precast walls

Our bulkhead holder including an integrated spindle suits the use on bulkheads and steel beams.

The screw shoe is a perfect alternative to the guardrail shoe.

It is also used in combination with the UNI Clamp for mounting on slab edge or parapet.

The stacking pallet for side protection grids holds 30 pieces.

Increase with standard guardrail posts.

Suitable for transport by forklift or crane.