Beamless panel formwork system for extra fast forming.

Product Features

> Performance

  • 30 cm slabs without additional support

> Versatile

  • Panel size: 3 m²  / 2 m²
  • Panel width: 1,22 x 2,44 m / 0,81 x 2,44 m
  • For any layout

> Time and cost saving

  • Long-life due to coating
  • No material costs for wear parts

> Stable and ergonomic geometry

  • Robust steel panels
  • Easy cleaning

> Safe assembly

  • From floor level (drop head with lowering )
  • Specified assemly sequence
  • Heads include wind lift protection

> Simple transport and neat storage

  • Practical transport pallets for storage
  • Minimized crane requirement

Fast forming due to 3 m² sized panels.

3 m² sized RINGER DEK30 panels allow fast forming from floor level. High-quality robust frames in coated and light-weight steel construction guarantee a long service life.

A systematic assembly sequence makes assembly and disassembly safe and prevents assembly errors.

Compensation areas are quickly closed with suspension brackets and beams without the use of additional floor props. 

Safe absorption of panels by the support head. An integrated wind lift protection prevents falling of panels and wind lifting.

A systematic assembly sequence makes assembly and disassembly safe and proper – even for non-professionals.

Fast closing of compensation areas with suspension brackets and beams, without the use of additional props.

Faster assembly - Faster disassembly.

RINGER DEK30 combines the advantages of a panel floor formwork system with those of a standard floor-slab formwork. That means fast forming in typical zones thanks to 3m² large panels and quick and flexible forming in infill zones.

With RINGER DEK30 the panels are stripped out without any overhead work. Therefore additional time-consuming efforts can be significantly reduced. The clearly defined erection sequence protects against time-consuming misuse.

Optimum handling due to ergonomic grips in the frame profile.

Simplified site logistics. Only two panel sizes necessary. Practical transport pallets for storage and transportation of accessories available additionally.

Well suited for exposed concrete results. Few joints and a structured joint pattern result in a smooth finishing.




szalunki stropowe DEK30
Campus Voecklabruck

Ringer supplies perfect scaffolding and formwork solutions for the building of a new campus in Voecklabruck.

szalunki stropowe DEK30
Underground Parking Garage Extension at Hoagascht Gastronomy

The winter can come! The restaurant and hotel Hoagascht is expanding its parking spaces.