Stacking Pallets

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​For better logistics on site, in storage and during transport.

Product Features


> Simple Storage & Transport

  • Stackable 
  • For crane or forklift
  • Fixed conically pressed bell feet, firmly welded hooks
  • Special sizes available upon request

> Weather resistant

  • Dip-coated or galvanized surface

> Time and cost efficient

  • Less searching 
  • Simple storage, fast transport


> Stacking Pallet for floor props

  • For props, railings, guardrail posts, toe boards etc

> Stacking Pallet for scaffolding

  • For stacking of scaffolding frames (lying)

> Stacking Pallet Ratio

  • For stacking of scaffolding frames (standing)

> Stacking System

  • The stacking system ist designed for transport of all scaffolding parts in two boxes (for approx. 200 m²)
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Stacking Pallet for floor props

External dimensions L 1,00 x B 0,80 x H 0,70 m

Storage volume for various system components

Stackable (max. 4 stacking pallets)

Galvanized or dip-coated

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Stacking Pallet for scaffolding

External dimensions L 1,10 x B 0,85 x H 0,36 m

Height with guardrail post: 1,36 m

Storage volume 36 pcs scaffolding frames Double Railing, 30 pcs scaffolding frames Speedy Scaffolding


Galvanized or dip-coated

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Stacking Pallet RATIO

External dimensions L 2,21 x B 0,77 x H 0,40 m / Height with frames 2,24 m

Storage volume 41 Speedy scaffolding frames, 44 Double Railing frames

Material requirements according to scaffolding system 



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Stacking system

External dimensions L 1,20 x B 1,20 x H 1,38 m

Storage volume 200m² scaffold in two parts (all scaffolding panels)

One piece stacking system for frames and accessories (max. 38 Frames)

One piece Stacking system for braces and platforms (max. 45 braces)




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