Speedy Scaffolding

60 years of proved quality. Flexible, stable, continuously enhanced.

Product features

> Confirming to standards

> Versatile

  • Frame heights: 1,00 m / 2,00 m
  • Field lengths: 0,65 m / 1,25 m / 1,50 m / 2,00 m / 2,50 m / 3,00 m
  • For use as working scaffolding, safety scaffolding and protection scaffolding
  • Wide range of accessories.
  • Multiple platform designs (aluminium, synthetic, wood or steel)

> Can be used as Rolling Tower

> Weather resistant and stable

  • Dip coated or galvanized (rust protection inside and outside)
  • Scaffolding group 3 – 200 kg/m²

> Time and cost saving

  • Fast assembly without small parts like screws
  • Low transportation or storage costs

> Maximum Safety

A real all-rounder. Flexible use as working-, safety-, and protection scaffolding.

RINGER Speedy Scaffolding ist instantly assembled without the use of small parts like screws, wedges, etc.

The smart system saves a high amount of time on site. Flexible use as working scaffolding, safety scaffolding and protection scaffolding.

Constant monitorings and tests guarantee safe work in any height.

A special lock guarantees safe work on the scaffold.

Ringer platforms guarantee maximum work safety aloft and are available in wood, steel and aluminium design.

Ringer transport devices. Perfectly suited to move and store parts quickly. Save time, space and money.

Summary System Parts

Extremely fast assembly in only a few steps.

RINGER facade scaffoldings optimize the job, so you can focus on your core skills.

Ringer ascents allow safe movements aloft. Our products range from scaffold steps to aluminimum platforms with hatch and ladder.

The Ringer pedestrian passage allows safe movement underneath the scaffolding. It can be used with standard scaffolding panels and is available in various widths. (1,50 m, 1,55 m, 2,00 m).

Optimum protection during roof jobs. Our protection strut can be extended optionally and is built with only three additional panels (bracket 0,60 m – Railing 2,00 m – Safety net).