A new Church

in Steyr, Austria

Project Data

Year of completion: 2021
Country: Austria
Expertise: Municipal construction
Application: Wall

Products in use

The New Apostolic parish of Steyr erected a new, modern church. The location of the previous building that was dismantled was used for this purpose.

The construction company Mayr-Bau from Steyr relied on the delivery program from RINGER to erect the walls in full concrete construction. The Master PRO panel formwork, which can be operated from one side, was used as the wall formwork. With element sizes up to 300x240cm, the formwork could be set up and moved quickly. The walls were concreted with a concreting height of up to 5.5 m in 3 concreting sections. The concreting platform L from RINGER also ensures safety and comfort when concreting.