Innovative & ​​​​​​​affordable living

in Regensburg, Germany

Project Data

Year of completion: 2020
​​​​​​​Country: Germany
Expertise: Housing
​​​​​​​Application: other

Products in use

During the shell construction phase the construction company Hoedl & Herdegen from Regensburg was responsible for the project “Marina Apartmens Regensburg” and decided to use RINGER 3S Shuttering platforms.

RINGER 3S Shuttering platform is a crane-relocated console folding platform for scaffolding of all kinds of structures. During the construction phase the flexibly usable RINGER-platforms served construction workers as working and protective scaffolding and were used as climbing platforms for wall formwork. This brought more safety and efficiency to the job site.

110 pieces RINGER 3S shuttering platforms were in use for more than half a year.

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