Master PRO

Master PRO opens a new dimension in formwork efficiency. An innovative one-side tie technology greatly accelerates formworking operations.

Product Features

> Performance

  • 80 kN/m² permissable fresh concrete pressure

> Versatile

  • Panel height: 0,60 m / 0,90 m / 1,20 m / 3,00 m
  • Panel width: 0,30 m /  0,50 m / 0,55 m / 0,60 m / 0,65 m / 0,90 m / 1,20 m / 2,40

> Faster forming

  • Saves more than one third of forming and stripping time
  • Less man-power

> Reduced costs

  • One-sided anchoring done by one person
  • No spacer tubes necessary
  • Long service life and many missions

> Stable and ergonomic geometry

  • Robust panels in galvanized steel design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy handling due to ergonomic grips

> Excellent concrete finish

  • Structured joint pattern
  • Symmetrical tie pattern
  • Only two tie rows within 3 m of formwork height
  • Various plates for exposed concrete

> Innovative tie system

  • Conical tie]
  • Easy adjustment of wall thickness 15-50 cm
  • No spacer tubes necessary
  • Self-sealing without wearing parts

> Compatible with Steel & Alu Master

Master PRO is our latest formwork system for minimum forming times.

The one-side operable Master PRO is our latest formwork innovation. It was developed to minimize working hours on site and to meet the rising demands on concrete surfaces.

A conic tie and the sealing system are the most innovative parts of this formwork.

3 m of formwork height demand only two rows of ties. Adjustment of wall thickness is just a flick of the wrist.

Galvanized steel fabrication guarantees long-life and simple cleaning.

One-side operable and large panels save time and more than 30% of costs. In fair-faced concrete a new arrangement of tie points guarantees a perfect finish due to vertically and horizontally aligned tie patterns.

Master PRO is compatible with Alu Master and Steel Master panels.

Innovative sealing. The integrated tie sealing spares an expensive and time consuming exchange of spare parts. The higher the concrete pressure, the denser the tie.

RINGER Master PRO tie lengths allow wall thichkness from 15 – 50 cm. Once adjusted, wall thickness is set.

Inside tie points make the Master PRO system the best choice for fair-faced concrete jobs. A smart sealing system prevents the concrete surface from damage. Tie points are sealed either by exposed concrete plates or plugs.

One-side operable setting of tie points. No scaffolds or platforms on positioning side necessary.

Vertically or horizontally – the panels are symmetric and can be combined in any way without effect to the tie pattern.

A fixed space for tie storage in each panel prevents loss and spares searching time. At the next job the tie is where it is supposed to be.




szalunki stropowe Master Pro
Residential complex "Kirchenwirt", Muenster

Between February 2019 and August 2020 the “Kirchenwirt” in Muenster was completely rebuilt to a residential complex. RINGER supplied wall formwork and accessories.

szalunki stropowe Master Pro
Campus Voecklabruck

Ringer supplies perfect scaffolding and formwork solutions for the building of a new campus in Voecklabruck.