Versatile bracket for use as fall protection or working scaffold on the roof.

Product Features

> Fast & safe work

  • Simple to hang on the wall
  • Easy removal

> Highly efficient

  • Durable
  • Low storage and transport volume

> Robust and weather resistant

> Bracket standard

  • Load capacity 7,5 kN
  • Railing height 1,1 m
  • Overhang 1,5 m

> Corner Bracket

  • Load capacity 7,5 kN
  • Railing height 1,1 m
  • Overhang 2,0 m

> Mounting

  • For anchoring through or with anchor loops

Versatile application as reliable fall protection.

RINGER Bracket guarantees optimal safety while working aloft.

Thanks to the simple but reliable assembly, the workplace is secured within a very short time. In addition, the bracket protects against falling objects.

The RINGER Bracket is also as Corner Bracket. It can therefore be used as securing scaffolding, side protection for work scaffolding and as a fall protection on the roof.