Robust and versatile. Ideal for fast and cost-efficient forming with and without crane.

Product Features

> Performance

  • 60 kN/m² permissable fresh concrete pressure

> Versatile

  • Panel height: 1,35 m / 2,70 m / 3,00 m
  • Panel width: 0,25 m / 0,30 m / 0,40 m / 0,45 m / 0,50 m / 0,60 m / 0,75 m / 0,90 m

> Crane independent

> Compatible with AL2000

> Stable and ergonomic geometry

  • Closed steel frame profile
  • Easy cleaning due to galvanization
  • Simple handling due to pracitcal grips
  • Torsion proof

> Extremely flexibel and convertible

  • Due to a wide range of panels

Efficiency on all levels. One system for various tasks.

ST2000 represents a flexible and economical application.

A variety of panel sizes makes it readily adaptable to specific geometries.

The system is hot-dip galvanized and takes fresh concrete pressure of up to 60kN/m². It is easy to manhandle, yet sturdy enough for large area forming with crane.

Thanks to optimized design and easy to handle components, Steel 2000 guarantees highest time and cost efficiency.

Pefect forming of cellars and foundations. A large varitey of panels allows any layout.

Smooth profiles and additional grips simplify forming and save time and man power.

Multi- trip stacking pallets keep the construction site neat and tidy, minimize time wasted searching for parts and simplify transportation.

The RINGER Forged Coupler allows fast and safe connection of panels. It can be smoothly attached to the frame, even one-handed.

RINGER working platforms siginificantly improve operational safety.

Pre-assembled formwork panels are easily repositioned with the crane hook. It possessed a load capacity of 1.000 kgs, is sturdy and durable.