Safety Net

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​For safe work aloft. Tear proof and weather resistant.

Product Features

> Standard-conforming

  • Meets requirements of net type “U”
  • According to EN1263-1

> Net span

  • 2 x 10 m 

> Versatile

  • Fall protection for individuals
  • Protection against downfalling objects
  • Use on scaffolding or bracket scaffolds

> Weather resistant and tear proof​​​​​​​

> Including three test threads

  • Test thread has to be sent to Ringer for inspection.

> Regulations and Guidelines

  • Annual inspection required
  • Installation and system meet the requirements of EN-1263-2
  • For vertical application on fall edge
  • Attachment every 75 cm on set-in fast belt fasteners

Ringer Safety Nets offer maximum safety at work aloft, are tear proof and water resistant.

Ringer personal safety net type „U“ is a safety net in supporting structure for vertical use.

It offers optimized fall protection for individuals and against downfalling objects.

Personal safety nets typ “U” are perfect for application on scaffoldings and as side protection at work on inclined roof areas, flat roofs and bridges.