Protection Bracket for the roof / Verge Guardrail

Work safety in complete roof area.

Product Features

Protection Bracket for the roof:

> Standard-conforming

> Simple handling

  • One-man application possible
  • Simple assembly through leverage
  • Plugable guardrail
  • Simple disassembly from roof area possible
  • Safety chain for disassembly

> Versatile

  • Applicable in any height at 45° roof picht
  • Applicable up to a height of 5 m at 60° roof pitch
  • Large area for assembly of gutters

> Weather resistant

> Maximum Safety

  • Particularly in combination with Ringer safety net

Verge Guardrail:

> Standard-conforming

> Simple handling

  • Assembly and disassembly from roof area possible
  • Clamp with spindle and wing nut for fast assembly

> Versatile

  • Also for insulated roofs
  • Applicable also with reset rafters 
  • Flexible adjustment of height by means of three board brackets

> Weather resistant

RINGER Protection Bracket for the roof offers optimum safety at rooftop work in combination with RINGER safety net.

RINGER protection bracket for the roof can be used for safe rooftop and roofseam work according to ÖNORM B4007 and construction workers protection regulation.

The bracket corresponds to ÖNORM EN 13374 category „C“. It can be used in any fall height at a roof pitch up to 45° and at a roof pitch up to 60° and with maximum fall height of 5,00 m.

Simple assembly by crank saves time and money. The tear proof and weather resistant RINGER safety net offers additional safety of roof work.

RINGER Verge Guardrail is a perfect and simple fall protection.

In combination with the RINGER protection bracket for the roof our verge guardrail protects individuals against falling in the entire roof area.

Ringer verge guardrail  can be assembled and disassembled easily even from the roof area. Height can be adjusted by means of three board brackets.

The flat outer clamping plate allows easy assembly. Application is also possilbe on insulated roofs or roofs with reset rafteres. Galvanized design guarantees long service life.