New Condominiums

Mödling, Austria

Project Data

Year of completion: 2021
Country: Austria
Expertise: Municipal construction
Application: Wall, Floor, Facade

Products in use

From the spring of 2019 to the end of 2020, stylish condominiums were built on the property where the “Zum guten Tropfen” restaurant was once located.

​​​​​​​TOP Consulting GmbH, as the client, dedicated itself to this project and a total of 37 new residential units were created in a good location in the middle of Mödling.
The Ing. Schneeberger Bauges. mbH & Co KG was commissioned to implement the € 5 million residential project. RINGER supplied the appropriate wall and ceiling formwork solutions for the building project.

Construction manager DI (FH) Stefan Seiser is extremely satisfied with the material and cycle planning, as well as the construction site support and the technical solutions on the part of RINGER.

The tried and tested Master formwork system in aluminum and steel, concreting platformsand the RINGER circular forming plate for the challenging elliptical curves in the inner courtyard were used.
​​​​​​​The slab was formed with the Flex and RINGER DEK30 slab formwork. In addition, the Double Railing scaffolding was used for the facade.
Foreman Gerald Posch thanks again for the competent and reliable support on site.