Family friendly homes

Regensburg, Germany

Project Data

Year of completion: 2021
Country: Germany
Expertise: Residential
Application: Wall, Floor, Column

Products in use

A concrete factory transformed to a residential housing sourrounded by greenery.

In December 2019, Swietelsky Construction Company acquired 45.000m² of a former industrial space, now a modern and family-friendly residential area is being built there.

The project features 275 apartments as well as 86 semi-detached houses and townhouses with living spaces ranging from 28 to 178m². It contributes significantly to the development of the city of Regensburg and combines modern living in the city with the flair of living in the countryside.

Name-giver of the project is the art park, planned in the center, which is conceived as a public park and covers more than 5,000m².

RINGER was also entitled to contribute to this project. To ensure a fast construction progress, our 3.30m high steel master panels were used on the construction site. In addition, our concreting platforms “L” ensured safe working during concreting. For the slab as well as for the forming of columns the RINGER Flex Systems and the RINGER PAX formwork were used.

We wish the future residents of the project “Wohnen am Kunstpark” much joy with their own home.