Guardrail with UNI-Clamp

All fall protections in one system. Many advantages - a multi-talent.

Product Features

> Confirming to standards​​​​​​​

> Versatile

  • Mounting on slabs, attics, precast walls, formwork and much more
  • Adjustment range 5 – 45 cm
  • Horizontal or vertical guard rail attachment
  • Toe board holder rotates 360°
  • Toe bar holder adjustable in height

> Weather resistant

  • Long service life thanks to hot-dip galvanizing

> Maximum safety

  • Certificated according to ÖNORM EN 13374 Class “A”
  • Fast and simple securing
  • Fixed connection by three wing nuts

> Technical Details

  • Mounting distance 1,50 m, Board thickness min. 15 x 2,4 cm
  • Mounting distance 2,00 m, Board thickness min. 15 x 3,0 cm

The versatile clamp

RINGER Guard Rail with UNI-Clamp can be used universally for any type of side protection and has been tested according to ÖNORM EN 13374 Class “A”.

The UNI-Clamp can be used in many ways thanks to the horizontal and vertical guardrail assembly. The 360 ​​° adjustable toe board holder and the height- adjustable toe bar holder, allow even more flexibility.

The adjustment ranges from 5 – 45 cm and the clamp can therefore be mounted on ceilings or parapets with a thickness of up to 45 cm. This guardrail ensures fast and simple securing and is robust and durable due to galvanization.

Mounting on an attika

Mounting on slab edge


UNI-Clamp with horizontal and vertical guard rail assembly

Guardrail with angle adapter on upper slab edge

Guardrail with angle adapter on slab edge