Guardrail Clamp

Uniwersalny element w naszym asortymencie.

Product Features

> Confirming to standards​​​​​​​

> Versatile in use

  • Stepless adjustment range to max. 60 cm
  • Simple and time saving assembly
  • Smooth running thanks to a Dywidag-spindle

> Robust and weather resistant

  • Long service life thanks to hot-dip galvanizing

> Maximum Safety

  • According to EN13374 Class “A”

> Technical details

  • Mounting distance 1,50 m, Board thickness min. 15 x 2,4 cm

  • Mounting distance 2,00 m, Board thickness min. 15 x 3,0 cm

Maximum flexibility in one piece

RINGER Clamps do not have any loose individual parts and guarantee a high level of time saving thanks to simple assembly.

The clamp achieves maximum flexibility thanks to the stepless adjustment range of 60 cm. 

Galvanization guarantees durability.

Guardrail Clamp on formwork

Guardrail Clamp on slab edge

Guardrail Clamp on stairway