Climbing Platform

A massive bracket platform for use as working-, safety- and climbing scaffold.

Product Features

> Strong performance

  • Max. load 500 kg/m²
  • Length 3,00 m / 2,50 m
  • Width 1,80 m
  • Bracket spacing 1,50 m
  • Wooden platform 45 mm thick

> Versatile use

  • Climbing scaffold
  • Working scaffold
  • Safety scaffold

> Robust and weather resistant

  • Galvanized steel parts
  • Lignopro refined

> Fast and & safe work

  • Ready-to-assemble unit made of robust system parts
  • Foldable handrail
  • Automatic wind lift protection
  • Ready to use in just a few steps
  • Easy to hang in with crane

> Highly efficient

  • Durable
  • Low storage and transport volume

Climbing platform for fast assembly and disassembly.

The preassembled unit is suitable for fast assembly and disassembly. Glavanized steel parts as well as glued and impregnated wooden parts make it robust and durable. An automatic wind lift protection ensures safety on the construction site.

Stripping time is significantly reduced through dismantling with just one bolt. The climbing platform can be easily hooked in with a crane and is designed for standard tie cones.

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Corner platform left and right

The corner platform is used to create an inside corner. It is mounted like the climbing platform and has a free transition to the next platform in the area of ​​the railing.

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Corner Element

The corner element is used to create a safe scaffold in the outside corner area. It is simply placed on the two climbing platforms in the corner area.

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Single Bracket

The single bracket is required to overbridge remaining areas. It is attached and covered with scaffolding planks.

Simple assembly in a few steps

  1. Open railing
  2. Hang in with a crane lifting chain
  3. Open and secure bracket
  4. Hang in anchor cones
  5. Check wind lift protection
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The platforms is mounted with commercially available suspension cones.

Mounting to slab is done with pigtail or plate anchor.

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Support extension

The support extension is mainly used to bridge openings in the wall. It can be adjusted variably in steps of 0.20 m from 1.40 to 3.60 m.


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Campus Voecklabruck

Ringer supplies perfect scaffolding and formwork solutions for the building of a new campus in Voecklabruck.