3S Platform

Versatile platform for different application areas.

Product Features

> Strong performance

  • Max. load 300 kg/m²
  • Length 2,5 or 3,0 m
  • Special lengths on demand
  • Wooden platform 45 mm thick

> Versatile use

  • Concreting platform
  • Climbing platform
  • Work scaffolding
  • Protective scaffolding
  • Sloping-rooftop fall barrier

> Robust and weather resistant

  • Galvanized steel parts
  • Connections with high-quality naval glue
  • Lignopro impregnated

> Safe

  • Intergrated self-securing lock
  • Unfoldable 60 cm side panel
  • Fixed handrail
  • Milled edge protection

> Fast

  • Prefabricated unit
  • Self securing and unfoldable
  • Ready to use from the stack. Fast handling.

> Clean

  • Order on the construction site & at the storage place 
  • Efficient storage and logistics
  • Crane fork for rational and simple repositioning

> Promotional

  • Labeling with company logo possible

One platform for all purposes by simply changing the bracket.

RINGER 3S Platform is our most versatile model. The platforms can be used for many different applications by simply changing the bracket – concreting platform, climbing platform, work scaffolding, protective scaffolding or sloping-rooftop fall barrier. It´s your decision, just simply adjust the platform to the job.

Corner and infill solutions ensure safe, time-saving transitions without any trip hazards and loose decking boards.

podest 3S
3S Corner Platform 

3S Corner Platform is available for inside and outside corner. Railing and receptables are mounted using plug-in devices.

podest 3S
3S Intermediate Platform

The 3S Intermediate Platform is used to bridge pass areas. 

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3S Corner Element

The 3S Corner Element is an easy solution for 90° corners.

Fast, safe and clean.

The RINGER 3S Platform facilitates fast and safe handling, allows efficient storage and logistics as well as cleanness and order in the storage place, on construction site or truck.

Made to last: carefully selected wood for a decking board 45 mm thick secure durability and robustness. Maximal load capacity is up to 300 kg / m².

An integrated automatic safety lock guarantees absolute safety from the start. Milled edge protection (galvanized) and naval glue ensure safe and efficient use on construction site.

In addition, the foldable side panel with mounted handrail guarantees more flexibility on site. The Lignopro impregnation prevents rotting and weathering.




podest 3S
Marina Apartments Regensburg

As a historic city, Regensburg attracts many travelers and tourists and is one of the top locations in Bavaria. However, an innovative idea for living has been missing for a long time. Marina Apartment Regensburg combines the familiarity of an own apartment with the comfort of a hotel.

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Winter tourism is booming and has been growing over the last years. Hotel Katschberg met the growing demand with an expansion.