Modular scaffolding

RINGER offers modular scaffolding that has a vast application area:

  • Modular joints
  • Facade scaffolding
  • Staircase tower
  • Tower scaffolding
  • Movable scaffolding
  • Plateau scaffolding
  • Passage frames
  • Supporting scaffolding
  • Special structures like stages, platforms etc for events

Modular scaffolding is most convenient to use when facade form of the building is very complicated (for example hexagonal facade) and is difficult to erect standard facade scaffolding. In these cases modular scaffolding is better alternative as they can be adjusted to each shape and can be erected out as well as in inside of facade structure. 
Modular scaffolding system consists of different single parts that can be combined flexibly with each other. It also has a certain advantage for storage and transportation, it can be easily stacked.

W przypadku różnych projektów, które są planowane, rusztowanie modułowe można dostosować do różnych potrzeb.

Please send us your questions and inquires per mail at or call us: +48 63 245 00 63.

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