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RINGER working platforms

Safety is the decisive matter for working at height!

EN 12810 – scaffolding group 3, 200 kg/m²
Can be used with all systems of Ringer facade scaffolding. 
width: 0,60 m
length: 3 m / 2,5 m / 2 m / 1,5 m / 1,25 und 0,72 m


EN 12810 – scaffolding group 4, 300 kg/m²
width: 0,30 m
length: 3 m / 2,50 m / 1,25 m

The decisive advantages:    

  • The Ringer-system platforms are produced according to Austrian and European standards.
  • Minimum 10 automatically sorted strong timber boards with parallel fiber are bonded together with extra strong ship glue
  • Stable wood of best quality
  • Hot-dip galvanized edge protection
  • LIPOLUX-impregnated, protects from rotting and weather influences

Safety net and tarpaulin

Safety net: width 2,5 m, rolls length 100 m 
Tarpaulin: width 2,7 m, length 10 m

Passage frames

Series T150, T200 
Height 2,20 m
Width 1,50 and 2,00 m
Special lengths are available upon request!

  • for walking under a scaffold (comfortable window shopping)
  • passage frames can be used with standard scaffolding parts  
  • passage frames can be disassembled for transporting (standing tubes and cross beam)
  • Scaffolding frames are mounted into welded tubes, thus there is a direct connection

Scaffolding ascents

Scaffolding stairway hot-dip galvanized

  • Scaffolding stairway for heavy duty and heavy loads.
  • It can be used in connection with every scaffold with vertical frames 2 m, frame interval 2,5 m
  • 2 platforms and 9 steps (ladder width 50 cm) make the ascent very easy

Alu platform with ladder 0,6 x 2,5 m

  • Aluminium platform is the safest and fastest ascent. The ladder is integrated and ensures safe
  • You do not need a platform, ladder is fix and safe
  • The profile of the aluminium platform is stackable and with anti-slipping surface.
  • The flooring is a finnish screen proceed plate frames in aluminium.

Ladder & safety basket EU

  • The ladder can be used with the safety basket EU at the end or in the middle of the scaffolding structure.
  • For every floor you only need 1 ladder 2 m and 1 safety basket



Bridging beam

The hot-dip galvanized bridging beams (aluminium) are available in the dimensions 3,10 m, 5,20 m  and 8,10 m.
Special width on request!

Ringer bridging beams – the best solution for bridging wide spaces.
Frame adapter - 0,65m f. bridging beam

Brackets and couplers

Ringer-brackets are used to enlarge working surface. There is a choice of following options:

Ringer pallets

Keep order at your building yard, in your truck and at your site.

Suitable for frames, guardrails, working platforms etc.

Can be used with fork lift and crane.

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