RINGER Doppelgeländer Scaffolding

One Scaffolding - All Advantages

  • Only 3 main parts (frames, platforms and guardrails)
  • Working platforms available in wood, steel or aluminium
  • Scaffolding can be assembled and disassembled in each separate field
  • Round scaffolding and corners are easy to make
  • Safe under wind load, protection system against falling of platforms
  • According to EN 12810
  • Compatible with Alu Doppelgelander scaffolding

Steel parts are dip coated, thus tubes are protected against rost also inside, or hot-dip galvanized.Doppelgeländer scaffolding are also available in aluminium.

RINGER wooden platforms make your working place safe

RINGER wooden platform 

Load bearing classification scaffolding group 3, 200kg/m2. 10 automatically sorted strong timber boards with parallel fibre are bonded together with extra strong ship glue; planed surface is LIPOLUX-impregnated
length: 2,50m x 0,60m
also: 3,00m, 2,00m, 1,5m, 1,25m, 0,72m x 0,60m

RINGER Aluminium platform

size: 2,50m x 0,60m 3,00m x 0,60m
load: 2,50m/400kg/m2

Please send us your questions and inquires per mail at biuro@ringer.pl or call us: +48 63 245 00 63.

Prospectus - scaffolding Doppelgeländer
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Product catalog - Scaffolding Doppelgeländer
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Doppelgeländer scaffolding calculation:
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Doppelgeländer scaffolding calculation:
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